Travel to India and Witness the Spirit of Revelry of Festivals

India is a land of contrasts with diverse cultures and religions all living under the same roof. With such diverse religions in India, festivals become an integral part of Indian culture. Every region and religious sects have their own festivals which are celebrated with unison all over India. These festivals are very colourful and fun filled. All festivals are celebrated with the same spirit and zest irrespective of class or religion and this can be said is the true essence of unity in diversity. Travel to India with attractive India tour packages to witness the various vibrant festivities.

The predominant religions of India are Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism. All religions have their own festivities celebrated all over India with the same enthusiasm. Festivals are such occasions in India and celebrated with much pomp that everyone forgets all kinds of disparities. It is the time when you can savour some delectable cuisines which are special to some of the festivals and regions. The best way to be a part of these festivities is to book your tour to India with a reliable India travel agent. A good travel agent will be able to give you details of each and every festival and you can choose the ones that you want to be a part of.

The main festivals of Hindus are the festival of light known as Diwali, festival of colours known as Holi, Durga Pujas, Navratri, Pongal, Bihu, Dussehra, Rakhi, Baisakhi, Onam, Lohri, Buddha Purnima and many more pertaining to various traditions of various religions. Each and every festival has there significance and observed by people according to their own traditions, but whatever may be the ways to celebrate the spirit of oneness is evident everywhere. The main celebration for Islam is the Bakhri Eid and Eid, the revelry of these festivals every year spread across all over India and irrespective of the religion people join to become a part of celebration of Eid. The Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter along with other important festivals. Other than the rituals that need to be performed all these festivals also means buying of new clothes and wide spread of Indian delicacies which is shared with one and all.

During some of these festivals the government declares National holiday so that entire nation can celebrate it together. When you experience these festivities you too can feel the joyous spirit of the celebrations. Many India travel agency offers very attractive tour packages which cover the special festivals of India and you can travel to India and experience all these spectacular festivals. Your India travel agent would also update you with the significance and the origin of each of these festivals. No other country in this world can boast of having such a wide variety of festivals pertaining to various religions and regions.